Eusebius7 links

Some useful sites, of a cultural nature:

The Lieder Page, providing lyrics and translations to hundreds of classical songs

The Davidsbündler Web site, reviving 19th Century composer Robert Schumann's conspiracy to defend the classical ideal of Beauty, and smite the Philistines

The Web Museums: fabulous selections of fine art images

A page of links concerning Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom

A translation of Ludwig van Beethoven's Heiligenstädter Testament

Lectures on Beethoven's piano sonatas by Andras Schiff

A web page describing Benjamin Franklin's invention of the glass armonica

Audio and video files of the greatest singer America has ever produced, Marian Anderson

A web site devoted to English poet John Donne

A web site with resources on orchestration for composers and arrangers

For readers of German: Ibykus, a valuable resource for cultural and philosophical ideas... and, The German Schiller Institute as well

For translators: The Technical University of Munich provides the excellent LEO Dictionary online, and even better, their Forum where you can get answers, often within minutes, to translation problems beyond the scope of the dictionary

A fascinating discovery about the history of music and the human mind: the so-called Neanderthal Flute

Someone has thoughtfully posted an old cartoon of Wagner killing the listener's ear.

Public Service announcements:

"You can also become a member of the Clara Schumann Society! No dues. Simply perform or research the music of Clara during the next year, and let me know! Look for the membership page for details."

Visit the website of the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee, people who think and act globally, campaigning for a new Renaissance to forestall a New Dark Age.

Some other useful sites, of general interest to internet users:

The HTML Primer, a clearly written manual on how to use the HTML coding for sites on the World Wide Web.