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The March of the DavidsbŁndler against the Philistines
is a history of Robert Schumann's movement, and a sort of philosophical manifesto for this site
Our own translations page provides
a catalog, by author, of the original prose and poetry translations on this site
Our Reviews catalog page (in-depth discussions of recordings, books and film)Our original offerings catalog page
Brahms' Settings of Poetry includes a series of essays on Brahms' treatment of various texts, providing an insight
into his method
We have included an adapted excerpt from the Open Court edition of Leibniz' "Theodicy"Here is our page of recommended recordings.
"Brahms the Progressive"? Arnold Schoenberg's Disingenuous Essay is our denunciation of Schoenberg's well-known treatiseHere is an excerpt from B.B. Rogers' translation of Aristophanes' "The Frogs"And, we have our favorite videos.
A visitor to the site provided us with an essay on
Brahms' late piano works
Here is an excerpt from a letter by Brahms, describing the death of Schumann, translated by Josef Eisinger and Styra Avins (from Johannes Brahms: Life and Letters).
The Composers of Bohemia analyzes the political/artistic movement which produced Smetana and DvorŠk
Here is a listing of articles of general interest.