Heinrich Heine was known for his caustic and humorous observations on contemporary trends, in philosophy, politics, and the arts. We have added a new commentary by the DavidsbŁndler on the political importance of Heine and his battle against romanticism.

We present here three prose, and numerous poetry translations. We have concentrated our efforts on some of Heine's more polemical poems, of which some are rarely translated.

For a list of German titles, click here.


Excerpts from Heine's essays

Heine compares Schiller to Goethe,
and Plato to Aristotle

Heine's Portrait of Paganini

From "Florentine Nights"

Heine's Epitaph

"It will be a lovely day..." from Reisebilder

Our most ambitious translation project:
an epic poem by Heine

Atta Troll and other poetry translations are now available in published form.

Assorted poetry

Young Tom-Cat Club for Poetry-Music

Heine makes known his views on Berlioz, Liszt,
and the "Music of the Future"


The lady cats are musical, too

Song of Songs

An appreciation of the feminine form

The Angels

They do exist!

The White Elephant

What to get the man who has everything?

When Youthful Hearts are Breaking

(with an original song setting by the DavidsbŁndler)

The Gods of Greece

They've seen better days


A trip to Heaven  


If you can't beat 'em...  

On Teleology

God has His reasons

On Lazarus 1

Some questions remain  


A word to the wise

The Electoral Asses

A few scholarly observations on politics and ethnicity  

The World Turned Upside Down

Further observations on politics  


Hegel's philosophy explained  

The Slave Ship

One of Heine's darkest satires  

My Dear, Lay Your Hand Here

What's all that racket in my breast?

O Death, that is the Cooling Night

On the paradox of mortality;
text for the famous Lied by Brahms